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The Long Way

Magnolia, DE to Main Street Cafe in Harrington, DE

How to turn a 15 minute drive each way into over an hour and 15 minute ride and have an amazing lunch along the way!

Who would ever want to make a 15 minute drive somewhere double in time to get there and triple in time to get home?  Anyone riding a motorcycle!! 

There are a variety of options to take getting there and back, these are just examples of two paths I have taken. I usually vary the routes each trip.

I love to check out and support small businesses while riding.  Most of the time, this means food of some kind, but it might also be just a shop that catches my attention.  The first time I stopped at the Main Street Café in Harrington, DE was just a couple of months ago.  My partner and I had been out riding with my son.  We rode from Magnolia to Milford for breakfast, well I had breakfast they both had something from the lunch menu.  We wandered back up to Magnolia because my son had some things to get accomplished and his riding time was up for the day.  I was feeling good.  It was a beautiful day, a bit chilly but sunny and just simply gorgeous.  I told my partner (Ed) that I wasn’t ready to go home yet.  I wanted to ride more.  He was completely good with that thought and off we went.  I led as we crossed over Rt. 13 heading west and rode some of my favorite local roads. 


After moving to Magnolia from the MOT (Middletown, Odessa, Townsend) area a bit over three years ago I started riding and exploring the back roads west of Rt. 13.  I was surprised at the abundance of sparsely traveled roadways and just how far I could go without really encountering much of anyone or anything other than homes, farms and the beauty of nature.  I was never worried about getting too lost.  If I traveled west far enough I would encounter 301 and east I would be back to Rt. 13.  I would sometimes play a little game and say that at the next intersection I would make a right, then I would take the second left that I came across.  I did not care where I got to – I was exploring!  When I was ready to head back I would simply go east.  I was sometimes surprised at how far north or south I had traveled and other times shocked at how far I had not traveled north or south for the length of time that I had been riding.  There were times that I spent an hour and a half riding around only to end up 15 minutes south of where I started.  I did learn quickly to make certain that my tank was full before I started these mini-adventures, especially when riding alone.

Back to the ride

This afternoon was similar to those initial explorations.  I did not have a destination in mind, only that I felt well and wanted to enjoy the day!  We wandered down a variety of roads with a mainly westerly direction, after a while I made a left and led us south for some time before making another left and heading back east.  I didn’t realize it initially but at some point I ended up on Rt. 14 and we approached Harrington, DE.  By this time I was getting chilly and maybe a little bit hungry again.  I had only ate about half of my breakfast and that was now hours ago.  I noticed the Main Street Café as we came into Harrington and circled back around to a large parking lot.  I asked Ed if he would be okay checking it out.  He agreed and we walked towards the restaurant. 

I could not help but notice that the street reminded me of small-town America.  It just had that nostalgic feeling about it, as if one could close their eyes and imagine the same street with 1950’s, 1960’s or 1970’s era cars parallel parked as their owners shopped and dined within the town.  There is an Antiques store, a Dog Groomer and other businesses on that same block. 

Coming back to the present time we both decided that we were not ready for a meal, but a beverage and dessert sounded perfect to us both.  He loves all things peanut butter; they had a peanut butter pie on the menu and my favorite is German chocolate cake because it was something my grandmother would make at most gatherings.  It was on the menu and it was decided.  Dessert for all!  (well, for Ed and I) 

We savored each delicious bite as we warmed up and relaxed.   We looked at the various signs hanging on the walls.  They had cute sayings, funny sayings and were in general quite entertaining.  Our server was simply wonderful.  She was personable, attentive, and friendly.  The atmosphere of the restaurant is welcoming and inviting.  We left with our bellies full, our bodies warmed and a smile from the experience.  We both agreed that we wanted to go back for breakfast or lunch and check out their food, and we have a few times since enjoying each additional experience as much as we did the initial one!

My son and I are both fortunate to usually have a bit of free time on Friday afternoons in the summer.  We have so far enjoyed two additional lunchtime rides of varying routes and times to the Main Street Café as well.  The last ride he ordered a wrap of some type with fries and I have ordered a turkey sandwich with chips each time.  We have both always enjoyed the food and the excellent service.  I am looking forward to our next adventure that returns us to this restaurant.

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