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How-to Earn a Motorcycle Endorsement in Delaware

Any new venture can be a bit intimidating, going for your Motorcycle Endorsement is no different.  I have taken the course as a brand-new, novice rider and then I took it again with over 30,000 miles of riding time.  Even as a seasoned rider there were parts that could be nerve rattling from time to time, especially with unrelenting, soaking cold rain.

What I can share is that every instructor that worked with me had an abundance of knowledge and patience.  If you choose to undertake this course and you are able to follow along giving it 100%, you should have a positive experience, even if you do not pass the course on your first try.  Something that I was told quite some time ago is that you only fail if you do not try.  No matter what, you will learn something, something about motorcycles, riding and undoubtedly something about yourself too.

Only you can decide what is the best path for you.  If you are on the fence about whether or not to give this a go I would ask you, “What is the harm in taking the course and learning?”.  Just because you take the course does not mean that you ever need to purchase or ride a motorcycle. 


There are multiple ways to earn a Motorcycle Endorsement in Delaware:

  • Take the Beginner Riding Course through the DMV
  • Take a Beginner Riding Course through a Dealership
  • Go to the DMV and take the Road Test using your own bike

My opinion would be that the best value is to take the Beginner Riding Course through the DMV.

The Beginner Riding Course

The Beginner Riding Course (Novice) has three parts:

  • Segment 1 – MSF Basic eCourse – to be completed prior to the first class session online
  • Segment 2 – Formal Classroom component (~5 hours)
  • Segment 3 – On cycle component (~10 hours)

Training motorcycles of 500cc or less are provided

Helmets are available for those that do not have their own.

According to the Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website about 85% of people taking the course will pass.  Those are rather good odds!

Check out the Video & Good Luck!!

To find out additional information regarding this option, click the link to the video below.  Please be certain to like and subscribe!  Good luck and Best wishes!!

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